The Burning God by R.F Kuang – Review & Analysis

NOTE: This trilogy is not for everyone. Themes of war are constant throughout the books; it is very graphic. Check out Tiffany’s “Things You Should Know Before Reading The Poppy War” first before you read! Additionally, these are my own opinions. I am in no way claiming that mine are any more valid than others, … Continue reading The Burning God by R.F Kuang – Review & Analysis

Filipino-American History Month

This Filipino-American History Month, I dug out my Asian American Studies 101 class's syllabus and re-read some of the most important and influential texts that transformed my understanding of Filipino history and Asian America. The Filipino-American history is a story of the struggle against imperialism, immigration, family, justice, and belonging. Although I'm not Filipino-American, educating … Continue reading Filipino-American History Month